Saturday, June 11, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #4

I'm on Day 15 of the Oval Toothbrush Rug I've been making. I'm determined to finish it this weekend.

If you want to see the progress from the beginning, you can find the links to the other posts in the Knotted Rug Help tab or click here: Knotted Rug Help

On Day 13 the rug reached 50 x 32".
Time: 19 1/2 total hours included fabric preparation.

I began to notice that I was slowly losing a defined curve on the ends and straight lines on the sides. I know that in the end it will be a more rounded oval than oblong but at the rate it was going, it would   have ended up with a squared off look or an odd circle. Problem? Not enough increases.

I added more increases on the ends and made the knots on the sides really tight. Once the shape I wanted returned, I knotted as usual all around only I continued to increase, increase increase on those ends!

I also began to use 2 strips of the same fabric before I switched colors to keep the color change consistent.

I am going to have a lot of fabric left. I have run out of one color. I know I want to end in the same green as the center, so I have set aside about 15 strips of that color to be sure I have enough.  When I am finished with the rug, I will calculate how much was used and how much I have left over.

Day 15: 19 hours knotting time + 4 hours of fabric preparation.

watch it grow rug series fourelevenrox
2 more days to Watch it Grow!

Happy Rugging!

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