Sunday, June 5, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #3

It is growing!

A few days ago, I started creating what will be a 60" oval knotted toothbrush rug. If you haven't been following along, you can see the first post here : WATCH IT GROW

If you remember, in the beginning I chose not to prep all of the fabric in advance. Last weekend, once I went past the 1/3 mark, I decided to go ahead and prep the rest of the fabric. I knew progress would begin to slow down so having the fabric ready would speed things up a bit. I came up with an idea for storing the prepped fabric strips in a way that would not be messy, not take too much time and still be pretty handy.

I put them all on clothes hangers and hung them on my china cabinet!

fourelevenrox rug fabric strips tip
It took about 4 HOURS to get all 12 sheets torn and the strings removed. After that, I was able to knot without stopping. On Day 7, this was my progress:

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow Rug Series #3
I was not able to work on the rug every day this week. Sometimes, life just gets in the way doesn't it? I am on DAY 10 now of actually working on the rug although it has been almost 2 weeks since I got started. I will not be updating by days as much now, just hours working.

At this point, it takes about 35 minutes to make one complete row. With each row, that time will increase. The rug is now 44" x 26" and it has taken me 13 hours plus 4 extra hours for the fabric preparation. That's 17 hours total.  If I were to stop here, I would estimate that my total time would have been about 15 hours.

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow Rug Series #3 13 hours knotting time 
Only 16" left to go.
Watch it grow and Happy Rugging!!

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  1. I am loving this. I don't get the updates (for some reason) in my email so I am glad you also post on FB.