Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Starting an Amish Knot/Toothbrush Round Rug

Amish Knot Rag Rugs are also known as Toothbrush Rugs because years ago they were made from filed down toothbrush handles.

I use 2” – 2 1/2” strips of fabric torn from sheets or yardage when I make my rugs. The strips are attached together at the ends. Using two different strips, knots are tied, one strip wrapping around the other.

There are different ways to create the knots and different methods to get started. This is how I start my round rugs.

I pin my 2 strips of fabric down and make a row of about 4-5 knots. Then I shape the row into a circle and begin tying the knots into the previous knots of the beginning row.
ONE knot should go into each hole created from the row before. Once you have your circle formed, you simply keep going round and round. But, you will need to INCREASE sometimes. To INCREASE means to put TWO knots into one hole. If you do not add those additional knots, your rug will begin to curl up and it will not lay flat. If you put too many extra knots, your rug will become ruffled. It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you learn when to add increase knots.

Start a Round Toothbrush Rug

This video shows how I start my round rugs.

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Happy Rugging!



  1. U say u can download your patterns for free but every time I try to download a pattern medialeap website pops up and it never lets you download your patterns. Medialeap is a website that sells books. Why is that? And incidentally they are running a scam

    1. I'm sorry for the confusion. I do not offer free downloads or patterns. I have instructional videos on many of my blog posts or on youtube and I also sell instructions on my Etsy page. There is no set "pattern". I believe you may be clicking on an advertisement on the side bar...? that's the only thing I can think that may be happening. Again, I apologize for any confusion. thanks for visiting my blog