Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fiber Arts Jewelry

I haven't blogged for awhile. I've been busy playing with fabric, fibers, paper and a few other things in order to bring some fresh ideas to my students. I've been weaving, loom knitting, embroidering, and sewing, but creating fiber arts jewelry is becoming a favorite.

I use pinterest A LOT for inspiration and tutorials.

Fabric Pendants

My love for inchies and doodling has spilled over onto fabric pendants.

These pendants are made from small pieces of fabric scraps sandwiched over a piece of felt with embroidery and beads added.

A used coffee filter and fabric were combined to created a cuff bracelet. I rinsed and dried the coffee filter. I doodled swirls with a gold paint pen and a gel pen onto the filter, then cut it into one inch squares. These were hand sewn onto fabric pendants and connected with ribbon. A jeweled shank button and ribbon loop fastens the bracelet. 

Water Bottle Bracelets

I found this link to make these bracelets: How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle. I really like that I was able to adjust them to fit my small wrist.

That got me started on cutting plastic strips for other bracelets. Some of my students have been able to make some using their own designs. 

To make them, cut a strip of plastic to your desired width. Measure the length against your wrist and tape to secure. Cover the strip with fabric or wrap with yarn. Then add beads, buttons, or charms. If you look really close at the fabric bracelet above, you can see a red cylinder bead. I made that bead from a water bottle also! (Link for that here).

Fabric Beads

Make them large or small, they are so much fun and so easy. My students love to make them. Many of them don't have the fine motor skills needed to create them tight enough. We remedied that by using a plastic straw in the center. They glue a strip of fabric to the straw and curl the fabric around the straw. A little hot glue or tacky glue holds them well. Then, we cut the straw on each side of the bead and string them onto strips of T-shirts or ribbon.

This necklace was made without a straw. The round beads are wood beads painted white with acrylic paint. I used a heat gun on the wet paint to make the paint bubble and give them a textured look.

I couldn't go too long without working with paper. When I saw these little book charms popping up on pinterest, I had to make one!

I used a thin strip cut from a T-shirt for the cord on both the book charm and the fabric charm necklace. 

Hopefully, I will post some links and other projects soon. I have a lot of yarn, fabric and embroidery floss just waiting to be used and my art journals are calling my name! 


  1. You are amazing!! These are all gorgeous! If you ever think you can find the time to have a class, Calah would LOVE to learn how to do this kind of stuff. Looking at stuff on Pinterest just doesn't cut it most of the time for us, especially if the instructions are broad. We are hands-on kind of people.

  2. This is really great stuff! Fabulous blog post! I love it, and am so inspired.