Tuesday, February 19, 2013

411 On Cleaning: Garden Tubs-Clean Your Jets

Garden tubs should be cleaned periodically, not just the outside, but the inside also. specifically, the jets.

Dust and clean the tub a usual. My tub was slow to drain, so I had to unclog the drain before cleaning the jets. If you've never tried one of these, they are Fantastic. It is gross, but you will get all the hair and gunk out without chemicals, quickly.

This post from Simply Organized is very helpful: How To Clean Whirlpool Tub Jets. She has done a lot of research and has had great success in cleaning her tub jets. I won't give the directions, I encourage you to visit her blog and get the how-tos.

I used this method and was quite surprised at how much came out of the jets.

More Tub and Shower Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a sponge Mop for cleaning shower stalls
  • Use a regular mop to clean the hard to reach areas in a garden tub 
  • Hang a shower curtain on a tension rod inside your shower so the water doesn't hit the glass door. You won't get build-up on the door.
  • Use lemon oil furniture polish on walls and door of the shower stall. (not on floors). Pour onto cloth, rub evenly. It will clean and prevent build-up of scum and hard water stains.

If you have had better success in cleaning your tub jets than I have and you used a method different than Simply Organized, leave me a comment or link. 

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  2. I had a garden tub in my last house but it didn't have jets (do they even make them that way anymore??) I LOVE baths, they are great for relaxing at night for me, so my (tiny) tub gets used 3-4 times a week and I SO miss my garden tub! But this is a great point you make about the jets... I'd be lost about how to keep them clean initially.

    So glad you shared - this is all really good to keep in mind as we are house-hunting!

  3. I, too, have a garden tub without the jets. I always suspected the jets would be a bear to keep maintained properly. Anyway--no jets--I ADORE a soak in my tub. Good to know that the jets do, indeed, create issues--for future bath renovations or a move. :)