Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Perfect Bacon

A couple of weeks ago, I admitted that I could not cook bacon to save my life!  Since that post, I have been on a quest to make the perfect bacon. Today, I am happy to announce that....


After getting some input from friends and other bloggers, I decided that cooking bacon in the oven was the only way I haven't tried, therefore worth a shot. One friend left a comment on my postI researched (google) and found some other suggestions for how to make bacon in the oven.

The ,,  and Culinary Arts  all had similar instructions but each offered an extra tip or change. I wondered if each little change would make a difference. I used a combination of all three instructions, along with some other suggestions I found on the web. Here is what I learned:

  • Some suggest using high quality bacon
  • Some suggest using a rack ( 
  • Time varied from 15-20 minutes
  • Look for bubbles. (great photo illustrations at the kitchn)
  • Oven temperature varied from 375 - 425 degrees)

The Bacon Test

I used two different brands of bacon. I put most of it directly onto a foil lined roasting pan. I did this because it has a higher lip than a cookie sheet. I was very concerned about splatter. I thought the higher lip may help catch more grease "pops". I put two of the slices on a wire rack.

Oven Temp 400°F (IMPORTANT: See directions on  About.)

I set the timer for 17 minutes. I came back at 17 minutes and did the bubble check .


On the rack, you can see that the Center Cut Bacon pretty much burned! The bacon on the rack was a little under done (but my daughter would like it), and the bacon on the left, was PERFECT!

After it cooled, you can see the results better.  I think the cheaper, store name brand tested the best. It also had the best feel, slightly crispy, but a tad soft. The center cut did not have enough fat in it, I suppose. I tried, on another day, to reduce the cooking time, but it was still a little too crunchy for my taste.

I tried another brand: Black Label Original, to see if the brand name made a difference. 
It did not. 
Brand doesn't matter, cut and slice thickness MATTERS. 

"Original" bacon cooked in the oven at 400°F for 18 minutes makes perfect bacon.
(Don't forget to click on the link to get exact directions.)

Perfect Bacon!


Does cooking bacon in the oven make a mess? What about splatter? 
Everyone I asked said, "No."


WRONG! I am sorry to say that it DOES splatter, it does leave grease spots on the bottom of your oven, and on the glass door. I know. I tested that also. I wish I could show you proof, but it was too difficult to get the right shot with a camera. The lighting is too bright or dark. I could not document the inside of the oven. 

I did get these two before and after shots of the glass door. These spots were also on the bottom of the oven.

Before Bacon

After  Bacon
I know it doesn't look like much, but that is a close up shot. These tiny spots were everywhere. If not cleaned off, they will bake on and leave a mess in my NOT self-cleaning oven.

Will I still use the oven to cook bacon? Absolutely! I'll just have to clean my oven more often.


More on that one Tuesday.......

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  1. that's why i buy pre-cooked bacon...sizzle in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila!

    1. Believe me...I haven't ruled it out! lol

  2. I've tried it in the oven too and it made a mess and stunk up my house. We actually cook it on the bar b q. My husband puts a layer of bacon on a cookie sheet and puts it right on the grill on a low temp. He just keeps a watch on it and turns it over when it gets a little crispy.

    Doesn't stink up the house and we just use the same cookie sheet every time that is now designated for it.

    1. Wahoo! Wait til my husband hears this! He may not be thrilled, but I am! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. My hubby is the breakfast chef around here and he loves bacon. I think he overcooks it on the stove. Love it in the oven!

    1. Honestly, it was never really my favorite. Cooking it in the oven makes it better. I like it a lot now :) uh-oh

  4. We love bacon. Lately we have been buying precooked so we don't have to worry about the mess. I want to try it in the oven soon. Thanks for sharing your results!

    1. I will probably do both ;)
      Will buy the precooked when it is on sale, otherwise, it gets kind of pricey