Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday 411 on Cleaning: Permission to be Messy

I don't feel like cleaning today. I didn't feel like doing it yesterday either.  So, I faked it. I was home alone and totally distracted with a new art journal page I am naming Permission to be Messy because I didn't plan anything.  I just got out my paint, a journal, and some old newspaper.  I watched a video this week which inspired me to enjoy being messy both in and around my journal.

Jenniebellie Studio (If you are interested in seeing the video)

I did manage to get my bathroom clean. I didn't really do a thorough job, just swept up the dustpan full of (my) hair, wiped down the toilet, and wiped down the sinks.  I figured the shower stall could take a break after last week's makeover.  Hope I don't regret that next week.

My daughter had already cleaned the other bathroom on Sunday. All that needed to be done was floors.  UGH!  I hate cleaning floors, remember?  So I took a shortcut. Shhh...I skipped the vacuum.  I put it out, to make it look  like I had been in the process of vacuuming...but I never got around to it. Instead of that, I used a Swiffer and an old sock to get the "hot spots". Yes, and old sock.  I stopped buying Swiffer cloths a long time ago.  They have gotten too expensive.  Unless I have a really good coupon and they are on sale, I let them stay on the grocer's shelf and I turn to the Department of Missing Socks.  This is an administrative branch of office in my home, the WHITE house, located in my laundry room.

The Cabinet Members and Their Duties:

Tube Socks - they are the majority. They are great dusters.

Tights and Knee-Hi Hose - they are the minority.  They work great as strainers in homemade paper along with a few other seldom done tasks.

No-Show Socks - they are not all in unison, many colors and divisions. I use them to hide the truth of what really holds my art supplies. (old, used, cans)

Fuzzy-Slipper Socks- the hardest workers, also a minority. These are the ones I use on my Swiffer. They fit perfectly, catch all the dirt and dust, and wash well.

There are a few other, crazy looking socks. I use them as pain relievers. I fill them with rice and tie the ends into a knot. Then, I put them in the freezer to use as ice packs, or the microwave for 30 seconds to use as a heat pack. There is something about a wild, crazy colored sock that can cheer you up when you are feeling poorly.

My permission to be messy is basically over now. Yesterday was Monday, today is Tuesday. My Tuesday house calls...then I'll go vote. Wonder which one will come out the cleanest today, our political system or my Tuesday house when I'm feeling lazy?

No-Show Cover-Up
Hardest Working Members of the Department

(Don't look at my baseboards)

Permission to be Messy

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