Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Art Journal Project: Encouragement Begins Today

Today is the start of the next art journal collaboration project I will be working on with a few friends.  Working in art journals is relatively new to me. I started my first one this past spring. I first learned about contributing to others' art journals from this book. Alphabetica: An A-Z Creativity Guide.

I had seen invitations on blogs to join in on some collaboration projects, but I didn't feel confident enough to venture out that far.  So, I asked some friends on facebook if they wanted to do a project with me and Between Friends was born. It was such a great experience!

The project that starts today will be very different.  There are still 10 of us, but 5 out of the 10 are new members. We will be working on ONE journal. Instead of mailing the journal to each of the artists, I am mailing paper, with instructions.  When they complete their pages, they will return them to me and I will bind them together into one journal.

Who gets the journal?  That's the best part.  We don't know!  We will be praying about and thinking of women we would like to bless with this journal.  The theme is Encouragement. This month, as we are working, we will submit nominees. No names will be given until the final decision is made.  Once we decide, and the journal is complete, the journal will be delivered as a Christmas gift.

Do you know a woman who could use some encouragement?  Send me a message at fourelevenrox at gmail dot com.  Or follow me on facebook and send me a private message.  Remember to give me your contact information but please, do not give the name of the nominee, yet. Tell us why you think she needs encouragement or a little about her. We will be sharing the nominee info privately, through our facebook group.

I will follow up with a video on the finished journal and how the project progressed later, in December.

Here's a look at the "starting point".  Just a lot of paper mess, mailing envelopes, a journal I am using as an inspiration to make the new journal, and a peek at the crazy stuff on my Inspiration Wheel

Yes, those are used tea bags hanging from my wheel

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