Monday, October 29, 2012

I Busted Those Stains!

Sneak Peak:

How did I go from this:

To this?

Even better...How did I do THIS?

I plan to show you how I did it tomorrow, on my regular Tuesdays 411 post.  But I was so excited, I HAD to share a glimpse today!  I've tried so many things for over a year.  I clean other houses with nice shower stalls, but my own has been a mess since the day we moved in.

FINALLY,  I found something!

Check back tomorrow and I'll tell you my secret. (I love cleaning secrets.)

Here's a link to the post:
Cleaning the Bathroom Part II


  1. Argh ... you are not a nice woman! Then again, I just bought a product that's supposed to work great on those glass doors so I'll try that ... as well as whatever you suggest. Perhaps I'll compare the products? Can't do it today anyway.

  2. lol Not trying to be mean :) Simply excited and don't have time to do the full post today. It will be heavy on the photo side and that takes me awhile. Plus...I'm still cleaning with the "secret". Want to try it on another house tomorrow before I give the full review. ;)

  3. I can hardly wait! I just cleaned my shower today and am still frustrated at the bits that I can't seem to get clean.