Friday, September 21, 2012

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas

Looking for class ideas to teach in a homeschool co-op?  Take a look into our past LIFE and see what we had to offer.  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the class schedules from previous co-op sessions along with some highlights of our most popular classes.  As I add to the list, I will keep the HOMESCHOOL CO-OP page updated for a quick reference guide.
Many Homeschool Co-ops organize classes by age groups.  For me, grade levels are much easier to keep track of, it’s just the way my mind works.  The other parents have been gracious in allowing this sort of organization, so as you view our lists of classes, keep in mind that the important thing is to keep children with like-minded age and skill levels together. 

Spring 2010 Classes

Kindergarten – 2nd Grades

Patricia Polacco Storytime and Activities
Young Science Explorers : Experiments and activities
P/E and Games
Book Making II: Creative Writing, drawing, bookmaking
Addition and Subtraction Facts: Lots of physical activity to help with memorization
American Sign Language:  K-5th

3rd-5th Grades

American Sign Language: K-5th
 24 Game Math 
P/E and Games
Human Body 
Exploring the States 
Intro to U.S. Military 3rd-high: Learned about each branch of service, training, drills, and special guests

Middle and High School Classes

Intro to U.S. Military 3rd-high: Learned about each branch of service, training, drills, and special guests
Fallacy Detective: Middle school students; Intro to Logic
Forensic Science: Middle school students; included visits from scientists and CSI
Music Appreciation
American Art History Survey: National Endowment for Humanities program
IZZIT!: Current events, discussions and activities using IZZIT videos (
Educational Games: spelling, math, vocab, and logic
The Art of Drama:  Exploring elements of drama 

It is hard to choose which classes from the above list where the most memorable, because they were all so good, but three favorites were so popular, they were requested to be scheduled again.

Math 24 Game:  I cannot say enough about this game, especially in a co-op class setting.  When my daughter took this class, she was the oldest student and her math skills were below average. She was very reluctant to take the class. By the end of the semester, she was on top of the game!  All of the students showed remarkable improvement and they had fun doing it. Find out more here: Math24 game

Another popular Class was Fallacy Detective.  Using the book, students learned how to recognize bad reasoning.  Great introduction to logic, we've taught this class more than once. Read more about it at their website: Fallacy Detective

What middle school student can resist a chance to play with hissing cockroaches, meet a bomb detection robot, and talk to real CSI agents? With lots of visitors from the community, experiments, and hands on activities, the Forensic Science class was loved by all.  

If you have any questions about lesson plans or activities for any of the above classes, leave a comment or email me at fourelevenrox at gmail dot com

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