Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BFF’s (Between Friends)

I have been blessed by the honor of having TWO “BFF”s. (Best Friends Forever)

With one of them, I tend to get a little carried away.  She is so much like me in that we both have a weird sense of humor and our thought patterns are …not typical. If we are not careful, we tend to float off into LaLa Land like two balloons escaping from a circus tent. Happy, free, and totally lost without supervision. Let’s call her Weirdo.

I need Weirdo in my life, but sometimes, I need to be tethered.  That’s where my other BFF comes in.  Actually, she doesn’t keep me tethered; she's more like an anchor.  And considering the fact that I get sea sick in the ocean (and I am deathly afraid of heights) I REALLY need an anchor.  Let’s call her Whipsaw. Now don’t be fooled, she’s an anchor- on a party boat.

Life without Weirdo or Whipsaw would be difficult, without both-impossible. I’ve been through an incredible amount of ups and downs, and these two women have been by my side for most of them. Weirdo for 15 years. Whipsaw for over 25. The Lord gave me a double blessing, they’ve been like “Jesus with skin on.” We love to laugh, but we also cry, pray, and talk, talk, talk. I haven’t seen either of them in over two years.  This weekend, I get to see them BOTH.  Watch out Wilmington, here we come!

This is the weekend for the Between Friends art journal meet-up.  Though there are 10 of us in the project, only 7 will actually be able to attend in person. We plan to skype or facetime or video as the journals are revealed so that all of us can share the special time.  I’ll be posting online albums soon to showcase each of the Between Friends Journals.

And I will be taking more recent photos of Weirdo and Whipsaw.

Hey Weirdo, Why is the only picture I have of us?

Me and Whipsaw, at the beach, of course.

Here's a picture of the REAL Whipsaw.  It is a charter boat, the best at Wrightsville Beach. Check them out here: Whipsaw Charters.

Whipsaw Charter Boat Wrightsville Beach, NC


  1. That is a good picture of both of you!

    I thought Cynthia was my best friend. Okay I will share with you.