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The knotted rugs that I make are called Amish Knot Rugs a/k/a Toothbrush Rugs. Historically, toothbrush handles, with a hole on the end, were used to create the tool to make these rugs. The brush section was sawed off and the handle filed down to create a blunt tip.

I have written several tips and tutorials, made a few videos, and posted photos of rugs. This page will be a SHORT-cut to find a post, like a Table of Contents. There are many variations to making these rugs. This is how I make mine.

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Planning to make a rug:

How much fabric do I need?   Includes photos with sheet, tshirt, and weight estimates.

Designing your rug - (Includes a video) Designs and How to use a starter.

How to prepare your fabric for a rug:

Overview with photos

WHY? should you tear, not cut fabric strips

Preparing and joining fabric strips (Includes a video)

Using Knit Fabric for a Rug (Includes video and pictorial guide)

How to start a rug:

How to Thread the Tool (Includes video)

Ovals are easier to start, but harder to maintain shape.
Rounds are more of a challenge to start but easier to maintain shape, plus you are not limited to the end size of your rug.

How to Start an Oval Rug (Includes 2 videos)

How to Make the Knots

This is our most popular video. I have no idea why!

How I Create My Knots. (video included)

Trouble shooting:

Increase on a Round Rug (includes video)

Advanced Technique to Increase on any shape rug (includes video)

3 Reasons Why Rugs Curl UP (round rug)

Tips and Tricks:

Examples that show what the fabric looked like BEFORE and AFTER the rug:

bright colors with polka dots and stripes
small floral print (scroll thru photos to get an idea)

Photos (No links)

Extra Tips:

Mark your start

Coasters and small bowls

Solids are easier than prints


LOSE THE STAIR STEP in your rug when changing colors (includes video)

How To End A Rug

The End of a Rug (includes video and brief explanation of losing the stair step)

WATCH IT GROW RUG SERIES a series showing progress, time and fabric used for making an oval rug about 60" long. Includes tips!



You can even make baskets with this technique! See more info here:
Knotted Rug Baskets

Happy Rugging!

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