Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rox Painting Rocks!

With a name like mine, it is no wonder I have always loved ROCKS.
So, when I walked up to my office door on a Monday morning and found this little rock, of course I smiled. At first I thought someone I knew put it there as a joke, but when I turned it over I realized it was just a little blessing to make me smile.

The back of the rock said, THL Rocks on fb.

I logged onto Facebook, typed the group name into the search, and joined the group.
Turns out there is an entire movement going on! Rock painting and hiding.
Or don’t post, don’t hide, don’t join. It is that simple.
The rocks you find are yours to keep or re-hide.
Share your story on Facebook if you have an account and it came from a Facebook group, but it isn’t necessary to be on Facebook to do it.
Start your own group.
It’s fun, brings smiles and doesn’t cost much.
A great summer project or adventure activity for kids and adults alike.

Wouldn't this make a great Homeschool Co-op class Idea? or what about Inchie Rocks! The possibilities are endless.

You can read more about what others are doing here:

And here:
Rock Hunting Inspiration

I've started a Pinterest Board if you want some ideas:

I’ve painted a few of my own precious rocks. (Yes, I had to make myself part with some) and I will be dropping rocks when I am out and about Tallahassee or where ever I may be.

They aren't fancy, but I think they are pretty good for the firsts.
fourelevenrox rocks

I love the idea of sharing that first smile I had with my first find. For me, it won’t be the thrill of the hunt but the thrill of the hide!
Happy Hunting!