Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Making a Rectangle Toothbrush Amish Knot Rag Rug

I can't believe I tried it again.... but this week, I made a rug with a rectangle shape using the Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug method!

Many of you have asked me how to make a rectangle rug.
Some have asked me to make one for them.

My answer, usually? I HATE Rectangles! lol

So why did I try again?

I have been toying with the idea of making a rectangle using a different approach than the traditional method, the method I do not like. I tried this "new" way a couple of years ago by creating a small trivet, just to see if it would work. I like this method much better! I have often thought about making a full size rug since then, but never had the motivation.

Well, this week, I was inspired to make a series of rugs, 4 in all, dedicated to the Beverly Hillbillies.
It started with a stack of fabric I was hoarding and an idea to make a rug in a primitive style rather than my usual cottage style.  A follower on Facebook said it should be named Jethro because the fabrics reminded her of him. That's all it took. I knew I would make a rug that reminded me of each of the characters of the show. (I'll post about that when I finish them all)

For "Granny's Rug", I decided to use gray fabrics since she wore a drab grey dress often. And the shape? A rectangle using a variation of the GRANNY square used in crochet! That was the method I devised a couple of years ago but never made a full size rug with the idea. This was the perfect time.

Once I got started and as I began to work out the kinks, I thought it was the perfect time to make a video to show you how to do it should you want to try.

I DO NOT recommend this for beginners. But it is something worth trying if you are really determined to make a rectangle rug.

If you are a beginner, visit my Knotted Rug Tab at the top of my page or click here for help in getting started:  Toothbrush Rug Help

If you need a tool or a starter kit, visit my Etsy Shop here: Whimsies and Rugs

The video below is long. I tried to include several tips and show how to work on several sections including the beginning, the increasing on the corners and ending. Plus, I explain the more traditional way of making a rectangle rug using the Toothbrush Rug method.
I hope it helps answer questions and get you started should you decide to give it a try.

Happy Rugging!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Learner's Project: Toothbrush Rugs

Have you been wanting to learn how to make an Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug?

If time and energy has kept you from learning, then I have a quick and easy project idea for you!

Make a Table Mat!

Learner's Project: Make a Toothbrush Rug table mat at fourelevenrox blog
You will need:

about 2 yards of fabric
a rug tool
one afternoon 

toothbrush rug kit starter kit from Whimsies and Rugs on Etsy
Use about 2 yards of cotton or poly cotton blend fabric. The best way to get good fabric is to recycle a bed sheet. But if you have fabric on hand, use one piece of fabric, 45" wide, about 2 yards long. Be sure the fabric is not white on the underside. You want a fabric that is similar on both the topside and underside. If you use a poly cotton blend, be sure there is more cotton than polyester or your fabric will be very stringy.  Prepare your fabric as I show on this blog post:
If you would prefer to have the fabric already prepped for you, consider one of my rug kits in my Etsy shop. For this project, you will want one of my $20 kits:

For this project, use 12 fabric strips, torn to width of 2.5". Add 3 strips of fabric, 2.5" wide, of coordinating fabric for the core, or runner. NEVER CUT, always tear your fabric. Cutting your fabric will create a very messy looking rug.

If you are using your own fabric and preparing it yourself, you will need a tool. A quick and easy way for a diy tool is here:
I've seen people use all sorts of items for a tool. You can even use the handle of a small spatula!

To get started, you can view this video:
My $20 starter kits come with a starter already made for you.

Once you get started, just keep going, adding main fabric strips and runner strips as needed. Using all 12 strips of fabric and the runner strips, you should end up with a small table mat about 10"-12" wide.

To end the table mat, see here:

Helpful hints:
If you really love the process, and you want to keep going to make a full size rug, use only about 6-8 strips of your main fabric, setting aside the other strips. Add about 7-8 yards of coordinating fabric (prepared into strips) and keep going. Use your remaining strips of fabric in the remainder of the rug to tie in the colors of your center to the rest of the rug. design ideas here:
You will need about 10-12 hours to make a small rug.

You can see in the rug above, that I created a center and then used a few strips of the same fabric in another section of the rug. For this rug, I also added 3 other fabrics that coordinated with the main fabric of my starter kit.

If you've started, and the project is just not for you, you can stop once it gets to 7-8" and make a mug rug!
make a mug rug using the amish knot/toothbrush rug technique at fourelevenrox blog

So there you go! Make a mug rug, a table mat or a full size rug!
For TONS more info and help, don't forget I have a "table of contents" for rug making in the tab above, Knotted Rug Help or click here:

Happy Rugging!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rox Painting Rocks!

With a name like mine, it is no wonder I have always loved ROCKS.
So, when I walked up to my office door on a Monday morning and found this little rock, of course I smiled. At first I thought someone I knew put it there as a joke, but when I turned it over I realized it was just a little blessing to make me smile.

The back of the rock said, THL Rocks on fb.

I logged onto Facebook, typed the group name into the search, and joined the group.
Turns out there is an entire movement going on! Rock painting and hiding.
Or don’t post, don’t hide, don’t join. It is that simple.
The rocks you find are yours to keep or re-hide.
Share your story on Facebook if you have an account and it came from a Facebook group, but it isn’t necessary to be on Facebook to do it.
Start your own group.
It’s fun, brings smiles and doesn’t cost much.
A great summer project or adventure activity for kids and adults alike.

Wouldn't this make a great Homeschool Co-op class Idea? or what about Inchie Rocks! The possibilities are endless.

You can read more about what others are doing here:

And here:
Rock Hunting Inspiration

I've started a Pinterest Board if you want some ideas:

I’ve painted a few of my own precious rocks. (Yes, I had to make myself part with some) and I will be dropping rocks when I am out and about Tallahassee or where ever I may be.

They aren't fancy, but I think they are pretty good for the firsts.
fourelevenrox rocks

I love the idea of sharing that first smile I had with my first find. For me, it won’t be the thrill of the hunt but the thrill of the hide!
Happy Hunting!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Oval Toothbrush Rugs: Keep a Nice Shape

I am often asked how my oval rugs always have a nice, even oval shape.

Amish Knot Toothbrush Rug Help fourelevenrox blog

The answer is - I adjust as I go! Today, I'm sharing some of tricks with you.

Here's a quick video to explain....

For more rug help, including how to start and how to make a round rug, visit the Knotted Rug Help Tab or click here: Knotted Rug Help

Monday, February 27, 2017

LEFT HAND: How to Make A Toothbrush Rug

After teaching several Toothbrush (aka) Amish Knot Rug classes, I realized that the process is totally different for left handed people. I learned this the hard way, when at least one left handed person attended almost every class I have taught over the last few months. Some have been able to adapt my process and directions very well. Others have struggled. I thought perhaps a video and instructions for Left handed people would be helpful.

Left Handed video and instructions available at fourelevenrox blog and Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs

 Left-handers will work in a direction that is opposite to right-handers.

With my instructions and videos, right handed people should work towards the right and left handed people should work towards the left.

I've created a video showing how a Left Handed person should start a rug:

Full written instructions for Round Rugs will be available in March 2017. Visit my Etsy Shop: Whimsies and Rugs

If you are a right handed person, my video for how to start a round rug may be found here:
Round Rug Right Hand

For more help and tips, visit the Knotted Rug Section of my blog or click here

Happy Rugging!