Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Great Polymer Clay Tips

I love to create.
I love to create tiny things.
I love to share information about things I create.
That's why I started the 4-1-1. It is a blog to share information about many of my passions and interests. Tutorials, links, suggestions and tips-that's why I'm here!

This week, I finished a tea cup garden which has become one of my favorites by far. It is actually not in a tea cup, but in a Sugar Bowl! I named it The Sugar Shack. I used Polymer clay as the base of the sugar yard and also to create tiny chocolate chip cookie stepping stones. 

I've been using polymer clay a lot in my tiny creations. I've played with polymer clay off and on over many years.

Two great polymer clay tips I NEVER KNEW until now:

Clean your hands with Hand Sanitizer! 

No more scrubbing and rubbing with soaps that don't do a thing. Just rub hand sanitizer into your hands, rub off the clay residue, and wipe with a paper towel. Then, wash your hands with soap and water.


Clean off finger prints with Rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip! really works! Rub gently, it doesn't take much.

Here's a photo of The Sugar Shack...isn't it SWEET?

fourelevenrox tea cup garden via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs
It is reversible! Front and back view:

fourelevenrox Sugar Shack tea cup garden via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs
This garden has already sold, but if you want to see more of my tea cup  gardens and little whimsies, visit my Etsy shop! Whimsies and Rugs

Have fun with clay!

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