Sunday, June 19, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #5 It is Finished!

The oval rug I've been working on is FINISHED!

The completed rug is 61" x 42".

I am so glad that I decided to do this series because blogging about the process slowed me down enough to record important information that will be so helpful for future rugs.

I started with 12 sheets:
1 Queen flat sheet
2 Full flat sheet
9 Twin flat sheet
(Fabric strips left over were approximately the equivalent of  4 sheets.)

5 hours TOTAL time to prepare all 12 sheets for the rug. 
That's measuring and ripping the strips, cleaning the strings from the strips and organizing them all for easy access.

23.5 Hours Knotting Time
I worked on the rug 20 different days taking 30 minutes - 2 hours each day depending on my schedule.

Adjusted Time and Amount of Fabric Used:

23.5 hours knotting time
3 hours fabric prep time (adjusted to reflect the use of 8 sheets)
It took 26.5 hours to complete a rug 61" x 42"

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow 61" x 42" Oval Rug

I used the equivalent of 8 flat bed sheets, various sizes - mostly twin = 33 yards (approx.)
12 colors were used in the rug. 11 pastels, with mostly a cream runner or core strip.

So hard to get a clear, crisp photo of the full size!

Thanks for watching this rug grow with me! Now we all know about  how much fabric and time is needed for a 60" oval toothbrush rug.
If you would like to see the process from the beginning,
click this link: Watch it Grow Rug Series

Saturday, June 18, 2016

ToothBrush Rug: How to Load or Thread Your Rug Needle

This week, I've had two requests for explaining how to put a fabric strip onto a toothbrush rug tool, a/k/a Amish Knot rug needle.

Here's a quick video to explain:
How to load or thread your rug tool -

If you would like to see other tips and tutorials, click on the tab at the top of the page, or use this shortcut -


Happy Rugging!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Great Polymer Clay Tips

I love to create.
I love to create tiny things.
I love to share information about things I create.
That's why I started the 4-1-1. It is a blog to share information about many of my passions and interests. Tutorials, links, suggestions and tips-that's why I'm here!

This week, I finished a tea cup garden which has become one of my favorites by far. It is actually not in a tea cup, but in a Sugar Bowl! I named it The Sugar Shack. I used Polymer clay as the base of the sugar yard and also to create tiny chocolate chip cookie stepping stones. 

I've been using polymer clay a lot in my tiny creations. I've played with polymer clay off and on over many years.

Two great polymer clay tips I NEVER KNEW until now:

Clean your hands with Hand Sanitizer! 

No more scrubbing and rubbing with soaps that don't do a thing. Just rub hand sanitizer into your hands, rub off the clay residue, and wipe with a paper towel. Then, wash your hands with soap and water.


Clean off finger prints with Rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip! really works! Rub gently, it doesn't take much.

Here's a photo of The Sugar Shack...isn't it SWEET?

fourelevenrox tea cup garden via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs
It is reversible! Front and back view:

fourelevenrox Sugar Shack tea cup garden via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs
This garden has already sold, but if you want to see more of my tea cup  gardens and little whimsies, visit my Etsy shop! Whimsies and Rugs

Have fun with clay!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #4

I'm on Day 15 of the Oval Toothbrush Rug I've been making. I'm determined to finish it this weekend.

If you want to see the progress from the beginning, you can find the links to the other posts in the Knotted Rug Help tab or click here: Knotted Rug Help

On Day 13 the rug reached 50 x 32".
Time: 19 1/2 total hours included fabric preparation.

I began to notice that I was slowly losing a defined curve on the ends and straight lines on the sides. I know that in the end it will be a more rounded oval than oblong but at the rate it was going, it would   have ended up with a squared off look or an odd circle. Problem? Not enough increases.

I added more increases on the ends and made the knots on the sides really tight. Once the shape I wanted returned, I knotted as usual all around only I continued to increase, increase increase on those ends!

I also began to use 2 strips of the same fabric before I switched colors to keep the color change consistent.

I am going to have a lot of fabric left. I have run out of one color. I know I want to end in the same green as the center, so I have set aside about 15 strips of that color to be sure I have enough.  When I am finished with the rug, I will calculate how much was used and how much I have left over.

Day 15: 19 hours knotting time + 4 hours of fabric preparation.

watch it grow rug series fourelevenrox
2 more days to Watch it Grow!

Happy Rugging!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #3

It is growing!

A few days ago, I started creating what will be a 60" oval knotted toothbrush rug. If you haven't been following along, you can see the first post here : WATCH IT GROW

If you remember, in the beginning I chose not to prep all of the fabric in advance. Last weekend, once I went past the 1/3 mark, I decided to go ahead and prep the rest of the fabric. I knew progress would begin to slow down so having the fabric ready would speed things up a bit. I came up with an idea for storing the prepped fabric strips in a way that would not be messy, not take too much time and still be pretty handy.

I put them all on clothes hangers and hung them on my china cabinet!

fourelevenrox rug fabric strips tip
It took about 4 HOURS to get all 12 sheets torn and the strings removed. After that, I was able to knot without stopping. On Day 7, this was my progress:

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow Rug Series #3
I was not able to work on the rug every day this week. Sometimes, life just gets in the way doesn't it? I am on DAY 10 now of actually working on the rug although it has been almost 2 weeks since I got started. I will not be updating by days as much now, just hours working.

At this point, it takes about 35 minutes to make one complete row. With each row, that time will increase. The rug is now 44" x 26" and it has taken me 13 hours plus 4 extra hours for the fabric preparation. That's 17 hours total.  If I were to stop here, I would estimate that my total time would have been about 15 hours.

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow Rug Series #3 13 hours knotting time 
Only 16" left to go.
Watch it grow and Happy Rugging!!