Saturday, May 28, 2016

Watch It Grow Rug Series #2

I'm entering into Day 4 of creating a 60" Oval Toothbrush Rug.

Here is the progress over the last couple of days:

On Day 2, I worked for 2 hours 20 minutes and brought it to 28" x 10".

While I was working, I noticed a problem. One of the fabrics, a light pink print, must have been a tad lighter weight than the rest of the fabric. It did not feel lighter but once I started using it I could see the difference. It knotted tighter which began to make the knots smaller. I didn't see it until I switched to another fabric. I am so glad I did not tear all of the fabric at once! I made a note to begin to tear that particular fabric about 1/4" wider than the other fabric strips (2 3/4" instead of 2 1/2").

A change in fabric weight will change the size of your knots
Then, I had to work at the next few rows to straighten the line back up. I used the fabrics that seemed to knot thicker in that particular area. 

The change in knot size is almost corrected

By Day 3, I had it all straightened out. I worked 55 minutes and brought it to 30" x 12".

On Day 4, I worked for 45 minutes (in the morning) and brought it to 32" x 14".

Total time so far = 6.5 hours

Watch It Grow @ fourelevenrox 60" Oval rug
If you want to see the first post in this series, click here: DAY 1 Watch it Grow

I'll be working on it for several hours this weekend, but progress will begin to slow down as the rug grows larger. That's OK. I'm.......Happy Rugging!

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  1. It's beautiful. I didn't know a different weight fabric would make that kind of change. Thank for doing this.