Friday, February 19, 2016

So You Wanna Make A Knotted Rug

You've seen videos on how a knotted rug is made.

You've seen cotton fabric rag rugs in all sorts of colors and with all types of patterns.

You've got tons of old bed sheets and linens you really need to get rid of. Or a slew of T-shirts with stains or that have been out grown.

So, you wanna make a knotted rug.

I'll show you some inside looks of getting started on a t-shirt rug in another post soon. This post is just a little visual aid to give you an idea of what you will need to do to prepare your fabric. I have lots of tips here on my blog, and my Amish Knot rug instructions give more details, but the first thing you need to do is prepare your fabric.

You will need at least 2 bed sheets, maybe 3. Flat sheets are best, a twin and a queen are a good combo for a small rug. You won't have enough fabric with only 2 twins.

Be prepared, it is going to make a MESS!

Spread your fabric out, snip the edges to your desired width and tear (DO NOT CUT) your fabric into strips.

fourelevenrox via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs

You will have a heap of strings and strips. Your strips will need to be cleaned, as many of the strings removed as possible.

Preparing fabric for a rug from fourelevenrox

This may take awhile, and doing it outdoors is best because it creates a lot of dust. (Sometimes I wear a mask while tearing and de-stringing)

You will need to do this with each sheet.

Fabric strips destringed and ready to make a rug fourelevenrox

Snip a small slit near the edges of each strip, about 1/2 inch from the end. Do this for each sheet.

You can plan for this to take at least an hour, probably more if you have a sheet with a lot of strings or you want to do a really thorough job. It takes me at least 2 hours to prepare all of the fabric for a rug kit with a starter. Longer if it is a larger rug.

You are now ready to knot! Your rug will take several hours to create, depending on the size.

Need a refresher on how to start or make your knots? Check out my videos  or blog posts.

If you love the idea of making a rug, but don't love the idea of prepping the fabric, I sell various rug kits with the fabric already torn into strips and de-stringed. A starter is included and I give written instructions with each kit. To see what I have available or to request a custom order, check out my Etsy shop. We also make and sell the tools.

one sheet cleaned and ready to have the edges clipped

enough fabric to make a small rug, all de-stringed for you  in our rug kits at Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs

a starter comes with each rug kit from Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs

To learn more about WHY you should tear, not cut your strips, check out this blog post: RUG TIP # 6

Happy Rugging!


  1. Where do you find all of your patterned sheets that you use?

  2. I search Hi and Low, and far and wide, in every thrift store and yard sale I can find :)