Friday, November 6, 2015

Homeschool Co-op Class Idea for Middle and High School

Are you looking for a great class idea for middle and high school students in a homeschool setting or a co-op?

It has been 2 years since I stepped down from directing L.I.F.E. Co-op, but it still holds a very dear place in my heart. All of my children have graduated high school and have moved onto careers or college. Even after 2 years, I sometimes get offers or email updates from publishers or educational resources. I don't mind. I pass the info along to friends if I think they may be interested.

One email recently reminded me of one of the best classes I ever taught in a homeschool co-op. What izzit?

middle and high homeschool co-op class idea

izzit? is an educational resource which provides videos and materials related to current events and critical thinking skills. You can read more about it here, at their website:

The company provides one free video a year to teachers or homeschool parents. Along with the video, you can receive teaching resources which include questions for discussion. So much can be done with these videos!

In our co-op, because the class was limited to one hour, we watched the video and had lively discussions afterwards. Often, if there was time, I would create a quick activity to go along with the topic of the week. Because the current event topics are worldwide, mini unit studies could easily be incorporated into an izzit? class. Crafts, cuisine, games, culture. there are so many ideas!

One thing our co-op did in order to have enough videos for the 10 week semester was to ask 10 parents to sign up for izzit? and request a free video. izzit? does require that you follow up with feedback regarding the free video, but that was not a problem. We had LOTS of feed back! We were able to build a library of videos. teach current events and bring our students and ourselves into other cultures opening our eyes to see and think about issues we had never considered before the class.

I highly recommend these videos!

For more information (411) about L.I.F.E Co-op, class ideas, or how to start a homeschool co-op, click on the tab above, or use this link: homeschool co-op

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