Friday, October 30, 2015

Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug Tip #5

Friday's Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug Tips

Tip #5 Use a safety pin to mark your rows

If you are an advanced toothbrush rug maker you may not find it necessary, but for me, marking rows with a safety pin has been a HUGE help.

When I first start a rug, I often mark the end of my first complete round with a safety pin to help me gauge each time I have made a full circle or oval. I want my rugs to be symmetrical, perfectly even on all sides. If I don't mark my first row, I end up having to study the center and/or counting rows to be sure I end at the right place. Marking  the row saves me a lot of time and energy.

fourelevenrox Toothbrush Rug: mark end of first round

I also mark the beginning of my row when I am using solid colors to make a rug with bands or stripes. I lose the "stair-step" look by ending my rug at the end of each color. Then, I insert a strip of the new color fabric (anywhere on the outside edge). Because I hide the start place so well, once I have 2-3 rows, I often can't figure out where I started! I have to study the rug and count rows to find the right place to end the band of color.

fourelevenrox Toothbrush Rugs: losing the Stair Step look

Marking rows saves me time and energy. It helps me knot away without thinking much which is way I love this type of rug making. 

fourelevenrox: via Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs: Marking Rows on Your Toothbrush Rug, lose the stair step look
More info on ending a rug and how to lose the stair step here: End a Rug

My full blog post on losing the Stair Step can be found here: Lose the Stair Step

I hope you find this tip helpful, happy rugging!

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  1. Could you go into more detail as to how you hide your color changes?

    1. The best way to do it is the "end" the rug when you are done with a color. Then, insert the next color strip thru any knot and begin again. It is tedious and has to be done neatly or you will have lumps in your rug. Not a beginner technique for sure. I'll explain further in a video at some point. Thanks for asking!