Monday, September 7, 2015

Toothbrush Rug Help: From Fabric to Rug

Recently, a video became very popular on our Facebook page, Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs

I'm posting it here for quick reference. I hope it will give you some Toothbrush Rug Help.

"Happy Dance" is an Amish Knot Rug created from a popular sheet set sold in the 90's, or so I'm told. I used 3 twin size sheets, 2 flat sheets, 1 fitted, and 6 coordinating pillowcases. I also used an extra white sheet for the core. It is 35" round.

The Process - From Fabric to Rug

In the Amish Knot Rug, also known as the toothbrush rug, fabric is torn into strips and knotted together using 2 strips at a time. For this rug, 2 1/2" strips were used. I will be posted about the complete process soon. For now, see the before and after photo below and watch a quick video to see how the rug is made, one knot at a time.
35" Amish Knot Rug aka Toothbrush Rug  from Fabric to Rug
See how the knots are made:

For more information about how much fabric is needed to make your own a Amish Knot or Toothbrush Rug, you may want to see this post, click here.

If you'd like to purchase one of my rugs, visit my etsy shop. Click on the tab above, or go to the shop directly here: Whimsies and Rugs

A video for how I start my rugs is here: Start a round rug
Happy Rugging!

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