Monday, September 14, 2015

Planting Tips for Tea Cup Gardens

Planting a garden in a tea cup is easy. Keeping the plant alive is a little trickier.

Unless you drill holes into the bottom of your tea cup, your garden will not drain when it is watered. Knowing what plants to use, how to set it up and how to water your tea cup garden is important for your tea cup garden (or mug) to thrive. 

I've had great success with this mug garden:

Four Eleven Rox Mug Garden
This mug has no drain holes, yet it is thriving!
Part of the success is the plants I used.
A Close up shot:

Perfect plants for tea cup and mug gardens
The plants used here are "Baby Tears".
Info on Baby Tears can be found here: Baby Tears

Pilea or "Aquamarine" is another great plant similar to the two in my mug garden. Info here: Pilea
Here is a video showing how I planted this garden and tips for why it is thriving. Enjoy!

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I will be posting soon about the creation of this mug garden, including how I made the law books staircase! Stay tuned....

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