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Planning for Your Amish Knot Toothbrush Rag Rug

This post will give you an idea of how many T-shirts or sheets you will need to make an Amish Knot (toothbrush) rag rug.

How much fabric does it take to make an Amish Knot (Toothbrush) Rug?

When I first started making rag rugs, I used T-shirts. Since then, I have moved to using mostly bed sheets and sometimes fabric yardage.

Starting out, it was difficult for me to plan a rug because I didn’t understand how many T-shirts or how much fabric would be needed. I remember taking many trips to thrift stores and raiding my husband’s closet the first time I got a special order. I kept running out of T-shirts! I had no idea how many I would need.

I won’t be using math or measurements, just experience with visual aids. The photos below include size, shape, type fabric and how much fabric created each rug. This is not an exact science. Each sheet/t-shirt is different depending on weight and thickness, but you should be able to see some consistency and I hope it helps you plan your rug.

Happy Rugging!

Autumn Bouquet is a 30" Round rug. It took 2 flat twin size sheets and 1 full size flat.

30" 2 Twin Sheets Flats, 1 Full Sheet Flat
 Step Softly is a 32" x 20" Oval Rug. It took 1 queen size flat sheet and 1 twin size flat.

32" x 20" 1 Queen Flat 1 Twin Flat
 This 37" Custom T-Shirt Rug took 14 T-shirts various sizes from women's small to men's 3x!

37" Round 14 T-Shirts various sizes
Forget Me Knots is a 2 piece rug set. Each rug is 30" x 21" oval. It took 3 twin flats, 1 fitted full, and 1 queen flat to make this set. You can also estimate 2 Queens and 2 twins to get 2 rugs this size.

2-30" x 21" Ovals 3 Twin Flats 1 Full Fitted 1 Queen Flat
 This black, white and red rug is 36" x 24" Oval. It took 2 twin flat sheets, 1 full flat and some some extra white (maybe 1/3 a twin?) inside the core to bring it to a full 36".

36" x 24" 2 Twin Flats 1 Full Flat (extra fabric for core)
 In the Meadow is a 26" round rug made of 1 Twin size jersey knit sheet set. I had some scraps left over.

26" round 1 Twin Size Sheet set, jersey knot fabric
 This 5' Round Rug took over 11 sheets! The sheets were various sizes from twin to king, with at least 3 of them being king size flats.

5' Round over 11 sheets from twin to king 12 lbs!

UPDATE: You can also plan for your rug by using weight. It has been my experience that most small rugs weigh about 2.5 lbs. That would be anywhere from 26-28" for a round rug and about 30 x 20 inches for an oval. 3 lbs will give you a 30"-32" rug, round and a 36" x 24" oval. All approximate of course. One day, I will create a post that explains the fabric yield in yardage. 

fourelevenrox how much fabric to make a toothbrush rug

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You can also see a video of how I make my knots here: One Knot at a Time - From Fabric to Rug

How I start my round rugs can be found here: Start a round rug demonstration

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Happy Rugging!

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