Monday, June 8, 2015

Tea Cup Fairy Gardens

I love tiny things!

Creating so many tiny little do-dads over the last couple of years has given me quite an assortment of odds and ends. When I decided to make tea cup fairy gardens, drawing from my little stash was so much fun!

#20 Happy Place is the happiest home on earth. And it is mobile! Take your fairies to work with you, your workplace will be happy, happy, happy! And this garden is maintenance emoticon
This small wood house even has a backdoor! Micro moss turf, punched metal flowers, punched metal dragonfly has a guitar string body, hand crafted sign and ladder with tiny mushrooms and a brick path lead up to this happy fairy home mounted on a cork base. Tea Cup: Florentine Fine China "Fantasia"

#20 Happy Place

Tea Cup Fairy Village is home to 7 teeny tiny fairies who love living near one another. Keep this tea cup garden indoors, safe from the weather and nasty little bugs who may try to catch them and carry them away. In the safety of your home, you may catch them sitting on the rocks chatting or climbing their favorite tree. But be very still and quiet because the butterfly is standing guard. He will warn the fairies not to come out if he sees you or hears you.

Materials: Polymer clay houses with distressed metal roofs; natural dry moss; pebbles, wood slices base; punched metal and guitar string butterfly; Fukagawa Arita Pattern 917 Tea Cup.

Tea Cup Fairy Village

UPDATE: These gardens have been sold, but here are some more examples of my work. Visit my Etsy Shop WhimsiesandRugs to see what I have available!

Tea Cup Gardens
Tea cup Gardens from Whitehouse Whimsies

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