Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Fun Purse to Sew

I realize it has been a long time since I've posted. My new job has taken quite a lot of my time and energy, but I love it. I haven't been on the computer much, except for pinterest or other websites looking for project ideas I can teach to my students. I am primarily teaching fiber arts, fabric and paper. Of course, the paper part is easy for me.  Working with fabric has been quite a change. I've had to brush up on my sewing skills. Fortunately, the sewing is all hand sewing, mostly embroidery or simple projects.

I've created a new pinterest board : Sew What? for inspiration. I have been able to adapt some of the project ideas for some of the students. Others I want to try for myself. One in particular, I wanted to make so that I can teach it to them.

Teesha Moore makes beautiful fabric covered journals. The same technique can be used for purses and bags. You can find the video at the above link or go You Tube and view them  HERE.

I did not make a journal cover. I wanted to make a small purse. I used several scraps of fabric, many from discarded clothing. For the strap, I used a belt from a discarded skirt. I then added embellishments and I even lined the purse. Lining the purse was not necessary  but I thought it would be a nice touch. The lining is the only part I sewed with a machine. All other sewing was done by hand. I LOVE the raw edges and the imperfect look!

Easy to Sew Purse:

The back of the purse

The front of the purse

Lining with magnetic button and two pockets

A pocket in the front for my phone

Another view of the back

A close up of the "perfect" embellishment for the purse's style


  1. I adore it--fab inspiration, Rox! :)

  2. I saw the video a while ago...loved it & all her art! So I sm ready to 'art journal' a purse with a motto/ inspiration on it. How large did you final turn out? LOVE your embellishments...button & free-flow stitching! You got my creative juices going, Fox!

    1. It is roughly 9 X 12 inches. I am working on another now which will be larger. It is quite addicting! :)

  3. SUPER cute!! I was wondering what you've been up to, hope the new job is going well!!

  4. How fun and cute! Love it :)

    Have a great week.


  5. This is a super cute purse! It's great to see you post one of your amazing creations! I hope your job is going well!