Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Bookmarks

I don't do a lot of decorating and hoopla for Valentine's Day, but this year I participated in a Valentine Exchange with Jill from Create.Craft.Love and a few other ladies. I LOVE any type of art or mail exchange.

The deadline for entering was Jan 31, and the Valentines had to be mailed by Feb 7. When Jan 31st came and Jill posted the list, I was a little surprised to find out that over 40 ladies had signed up.


I knew I wanted to make Valentine Bookmarks, so I had to think fast about how to make that many in one week's time.

Using what I already had around the house, and a couple of hours here and there, they turned out pretty cute.

Valentine Bookmarks

I was first inspired to make paper book hearts by Meghan from Simply Stoked. Take a look at her Book Heart Art, it is really pretty! I saw her book heart on Pinterest back before I even knew what Pinterest was! Instead of "pinning", I added the pin to my "favorites". Wow...I've come a long way!

I made my own little heart for another project but didn't like the way it turned out, so I put it on my Inspiration Wheel instead.

To make the Valentine Bookmarks, I gathered all the pink and red card stock and scraps I could find in my stash.

After cutting the paper to the size I needed, I tore the top and bottom edges.

Then, I formatted the the quote on WHITE cardstock and used chalk to give the paper an aged look.

After cutting each, I used a distress tool to rough up the edges a bit. You can see the difference between cut paper and the distressed edges below.

I will admit, I am sometimes a little slow when it comes to executing a craft idea. I first started making the hearts by cutting them out, stacking them, and then sewing them together one by one. Yeah...slow in more ways than one. At that rate, I would never have been done in time. 

So, I finally got smart faster by FOLDING 3 book pages over in TWO places, and TRACING half hearts along each fold.

After that, I did one long machine stitch along each fold.

It was so much easier to cut them out once they were all sewn!

I inked the edges of each heart (folded) with a Red Stampin' Up Marker.

A little messy, but easy clean -up. (My work mat already had red and pink all over if from another project).

All that was left was to adhere each heart (bottom page only) to the paper and then adhere that to the pink or red bookmark. I was so surprised at how fast it went. Addressing the envelopes took me longer than making the bookmarks! 

If I was REALLY smart, I would have figured out how to convert the excel sheet with names and addresses to mailing labels. 

Maybe I'll learn how to do that next year.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. This was my favorite Valentine. ;) It's even got a home in the book I'm reading now!! Thanks so much!! :D

  2. This is sooooo sweet! I'm getting busy and making a lot of these to take to the physical rehab hospital my mom is in.

  3. These are so precious! I only wish I'd seen your post earlier so I could make some for my loved ones for tomorrow. Maybe I can squeeze it into my day. If not they would still be good for another time. Thanks for the tutorial! Pinning these :)

    1. You're welcome :) I think they would be great on a card anytime of year. or a bookmark to go with a gift/book.

  4. These are absolutely darling! Happy Valentine's Day, Rox!