Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Last Minute Charm

Here it is the day after Christmas and now we can all share the secrets and surprises we came up with for gifts, or the blessings we received. I LOVE surprises! I love planning and scheming and hinting. And I love trying to come up with something special when I give or make a gift.

Since my middle daughter was very young, she loved to say that she wanted a tattoo. Needless to say, we said NO. I always told my daughters that any body piercing or tattoos could be done when they were 18, and not sooner. My thinking was that they would grow out of the "fad" by that time. She didn't. When the day arrived, her long awaited tattoo became a reality. I wasn't crazy about it, but it was pretty, and tasteful, and the meaning behind what she chose was very special. Once I got over the shock, I refrained myself from strangling her and got used to it.

This year for Christmas I wanted to get her a necklace. Nothing expensive, but something special. On Pinterest one day, I saw some beautiful dictionary word necklaces. One of them was the word TATTOO. Immediately  I knew that was what I would order. But, a couple of unexpected things happened and before I knew it, two weeks went by and I forgot to order it. By the time I remembered, it would not be here in time for Christmas.

So I went to Target. I found a simple necklace, the kind you can add charms to, and I chose a charm. It wasn't really special, but it was pretty. Not too pretty, however. She isn't very fru-fru when it comes to jewelry.

When I got ready to wrap it a couple of days later (on Christmas Eve), I remembered what I wanted to get instead and BAM! I got an idea. What if I made her a tattoo charm as an extra charm for the necklace I bought? I dabbled in making jewelry a few years ago, before bifocals. I wondered if I had anything I could adapt. I didn't find anything in my jewelry stash. But what I did find, were these Tim Holtz Charms left over from my Between Friends Art Journal.

The charms were small. My "for cutting up" dictionary did not have the right sized words. I didn't want to abandon the idea. I was about to start cutting up the GOOD dictionary, when our old tattered, torn, and worn SPANISH-English dictionary caught my eye. I had already removed some of the pages for another project.

I was afraid the word was just a little too big for the charm. I didn't have a circle punch the same size as the charm. I didn't want to waste the word with a bad cut. I sat there pondering what to do. I finally figured out that all I had to do was place one of the clear epoxy stickers, that came with the charms, directly OVER the word. Then, I cut around it. Once it was trimmed, I glued it into the charm.

I added a small heart charm and attached some simple beads above the charm because it was so small. 

Here it is:

It was just my way of letting her know that I love and accept her for who she is, even if I don't exactly like tattoos. 

I still love the word necklaces that Out of the Blue sells, and will probably order from them in the future. But the charm I made for my daughter had more meaning for me than if I had ordered one. I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

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  2. I really love this! I have to tell you though....when I saw the pic of it I thought I would see the word 'Hope' in it. I'm still thinking about that! Thanks for linking up with me :)

    1. ohhh...I didn't even think about that! Now that's a good idea! Off to find Hope in the dictionary. I'll make one for myself! Thanks for the ispiration :)

  3. Congrats! We're featuring you today from last week's Keep Calm & Link Up! See you tomorrow for the party...can't wait to see what you've been up to!

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    1. Oh My, Thank You! :) I'll tell my daughter!