Monday, November 5, 2012

Practical Pantry - An Organizing Tip

My pantry was driving me crazy. Having been used to wood shelving in the pantry, moving into a home with wire shelving was a bit of an adjustment. Boxes tip over, cookbooks fall through, and the shelf organizers for cans I've used for years wouldn't fit without sinking down on one side.

I turned to pinterest and started gathering ideas.  Did I want pretty or practical?  I found two ideas. One was to use floor tiles as shelf liners, the other was for labels.  Both were good ideas, but I didn't want to spend too much time or money.  All I wanted was an organized pantry.  I went with practical....and cheap.

Regular shelf liners wouldn't work, not enough weight. The floor tile idea would work, but I wasn't going to buy any and I didn't have any around the house.  I'm a "use what you've got" sort of decorator and organizer so I started looking around the house for what would work. A pizza box. That could work.  But I only had one. Wait, how about those "for domestic use only boxes"? I had an endless supply of those (for free) and I had used them in my craft corner....

Can you guess where the boxes come from?
I picked up a few boxes (from my endless supply) and cut them open. I didn't really need to cover all of the shelves, only the ones that would hold boxes and cans.  The rest of the shelves would hold some wire baskets I already had on hand.  I had lots of leftover red card stock from a previous project.  I never throw my scraps away. From that, with no money spent, I organized my pantry....

OK, so yes, it may be a little tacky.  But it works for me, it was free and it STAYS organized. Everyone in the family finds what they are looking for and puts things back where they belong. That's all I ever really wanted anyway.

So here's the tip: For wire shelving in a pantry, or closet, use cardboard to line the shelves. It's cheap, and free, and it will keep your items from falling through the cracks. For easy labels, cut card stock to size, punch holes on each end, and secure with yarn or ribbon.


  1. You could call them your "stayfree" organization shelves ;)

  2. :) They do stay free for now, unless my source starts charging....