Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Christmas Challenge and a Sneak Peak

On Friday, the day after Thanksgving, I decided to challenge myself to STAY HOME this Christmas season.  By that, I mean not shopping, rushing, driving, or getting caught up in the stress and busyness that comes this time of year. I realize how blessed I am, how much I have, and how much I want to enjoy friends and family. I told myself, and facebook friends, that I would not buy anything unnecessarily or even go Christmas shopping.  I'll order on-line, or buy if and when I am shopping for regular household stuff. I'm going to "use what I've got" to decorate and in as much as possible to make gifts.

On Saturday I woke up with one thought,  "that was a dumb idea."

I had already thrown it out there for the facebook world to know.  But my husband didn't know. I seriously thought about fluffing it off and going shopping. I had a list of things I wanted in order to finish a gift/project and to decorate. I also wanted to buy some things for my daughters.

UGH! I just couldn't cave in.

I fessed up and told my husband. I really needed accountability. He thought it was a good idea, but also told me it wasn't necessary.

"YES, it is."

I still wanted to do it. I got out my list and decided that for everything on my list, I could substitute something.  It may not be exactly what I planned, but my decision was re-made. The only thing I could possibly justify was a can of spray paint.

We went to Walmart, with cash. Hubby asked me about how much money everything on my list would be.  I told him, and we committed to not use our debit card.  I got the few groceries I needed...and I passed on the spray paint. I was proud of myself. In the car, he asked if I remembered the paint. I told him I changed my mind, I'll make do. I had half a can leftover and I hoped it would be enough to do what I wanted. He insisted I buy the paint. I refused.

About an hour later, I ran out of paint. That's OK, I'll switch to liquid and a brush. Then, I realized I hardly had ANY white paint.  WHAT?  How does a crafter run out of white paint? Still, being stubborn I tried to use what I had.  I made a big mess. Sheepishly, I confessed.  I needed some spray paint. Oh Well. It is kinda-sorta a "staple" isn't it? To have white spray paint in the garage at all times? I went back, got three cheap cans for $3, and was back home in less than 30 minutes.

It is now Sunday night, and I haven't stopped using what I've got since.  I made three gifts, and totally revamped our Christmas decorating. I am having a ball! I'm not quite finished, but here's a little preview.

I can't believe how much I got done once I started thinking outside the box. I came up with some pretty creative solutions for some "gotta have such-and-such" items. "Operation (stay at) Home for Christmas" is underway. Does anyone want to join me in this challenge?  

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  1. I would join ya; but I don't think it's gonna be a challenge. I think I've watched 6 or 7 Christmas movies already. I've still got my thanksgiving wreath up, tho.