Friday, October 19, 2012

No-Sew Sewing Machine Project

A few days ago, I hinted on facebook that I was working on a project that involved a sewing machine, but I would not be sewing.Well....I am all finished!  What is it?

A Sewing Machine Cover!
As I've mentioned before, I HATE SEWING! I know how to do it, when I MUST.  Plus, my daughter likes to sew.  Since we've moved out of the big, yellow house we no longer have a spare room (or place) to keep the sewing machine.  It pretty much stays in the original box until we need it.  That makes it less accessible and less likely to be used, even when we need it. Iron-on stitch tape has become my new best friend. But now, since my oldest daughter moved out, we have regained a spare room.

I wanted to keep the sewing machine out, so we will use it more often. Leaving it out of the box means it will get dusty.  So, I needed a sewing machine cover.  But, I didn't want to sew. ( I know, I keep mentioning that.) I opted for a box, some spray on adhesive, an image transfer (to keep with the theme), and a handle.

First thing you will need to do is drink A LOT of rum.  Just kidding! I wanted to use the words "Sewing Machine" in French, because I have a French theme in the room.  I used google translator to do this, and then I did a copy/paste into Word. I learned how to do an image transfer onto fabric from this You-Tube video.  I found the Citrasolve at Publix, in their Greenwise section.

To do an image flip, I found this tutorial: Image Flip.

I found the sewing machine graphic at The Graphics Fairy.

I loved the video on how to do it, but my first attempt did bleed.  Because my image was so large, this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo worked better for me.

First, I used tape to mark off the center of the box front.  I used a light coat of spray adhesive on a piece of un-corrugated cardboard (the cover of a scrapbook paper pad) to temporarily adhere the fabric. This kept it from slipping.  Then, I taped down the image, RIGHT SIDE DOWN. Using the paper towel method, I lightly rubbed the Citrasolve over the images.

I rubbed over the images with the back of a spoon, as the video suggested.  I had a little bit of bleeding, but overall, it came out nicely.  One thing: be sure to use a laser image (from a copier), not an ink jet image.

Once I had the image onto the fabric, all I had left to do was cover the box.  I wrapped it as if I were wrapping a present, being sure to center the image where I wanted it. I used glue to adhere it to the box. To cover the side seams, I added a pretty, lace ribbon and I topped it off with a handle. Last, I used an ink pad to add a little bit of a border on the box edges. I really like how it came out.  Now, it will match the room and my sewing machine may actually be used more often again. Like it or not.

After doing this, and setting it on the table I painted especially for the sewing machine, I came up with another idea.  I wanted to add a shutter or door behind the table, but I haven't found anything. This new idea may be even better.  I guess I will NEVER finish the room.  I will give you a sneak peek, just in case it takes me awhile to get it all done.....

The "office" section
More views of the room as soon as I finish the sewing corner.

I've shared a link to this post at:

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I love that blog!

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