Friday, October 12, 2012

Early Morning Hunting

A few weeks ago, we noticed a little bit of a mess gathering in the corners of our back porch.  Often when it rains, water seeps onto the porch and leaves dirt and debris behind as it recedes.  I assumed the mess was from the water.  But a few days ago, I realized the water doesn't go up that far.  A slow, creepy thought began to haunt me......

WHAT did this?

Surely not!  Please, please tell me this is NOT the work of squirrels.  I just couldn't take it. Really? Maybe not.  I mean, we keep the screen door closed.  Yes, there is a gap between the concrete and the door, but it is only a 2 inch gap at most.  Can squirrels flatten themselves, like snakes? Oh, this is too much like the squirrel wars in the big, yellow house.

After thinking about all the possibilities, we decided that maybe it is a skink, or maybe even a mouse.  We see skinks on the porch all the time.  We have never seen mice. (Shutter)  So, my hunt began.

I wake up early very often.  4:30 seems to be the time my inner alarm clock goes off.  Early morning seems to be the best time to go hunting, so I've tried it.  I figured I'll catch the culprit in the act. I haven't seen much since I last swept.  I even checked it throughout the day.  I've seen one acorn and a little debris, but that is all.  I thought maybe the clean sweep discouraged the little varmit and it found another diner. This morning, at 4:45, as I sat drinking coffee in almost complete darkness, I remembered that I haven't hunted in a few days.   So, I quietly walked to the window overlooking the back porch.  I gently pulled the curtain back while I had my hand on the light switch.  I was certain I was going to see something scurry off.  SWITCH. LIGHT.... NOTHING.  All was still.  I braved myself and decided to go outside and check the corner.  I am a big scardey cat.  Not sure WHAT I would have done if I had seen a mouse or even a skink.  I AM sure Richard would have grabbed his gun and come running.  But, there was no need, because there was nothing there.  Nothing but this:

It's back

What DID THIS?  I may never sleep again.  Hunting season continues.....

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