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Between Friends Art Journals: Recap and Photos

Well, it is officially over.  I just posted the last album of the Between Friends Art Journal Collaboration Project.  It was an awesome experience for all of us.  I know I was stretched and challenged, but I learned a lot.  Not only was I inspired and encouraged, but I picked up quite a few tips and ideas for future projects.  About myself, I learned that I work slowly, have trouble adapting to someone else's theme, and I LOVE creating interactive pages.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely! Again and again.  In fact, we are gearing up for another project and inviting others to join us.  This one will be ONE journal, with all of us contributing pages.  The theme will be Encouragement.  My vision for this is for each of us to create a two page spread that will bring encouragement to another woman. My hope is that it will be inspired by God as each of us prayerfully consider what we should journal. I will post details later this week.  If you are interested in joining us, leave a comment here or on facebook.

You can read more about the project by clicking on the Art Journals tab at the top of the page or here.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of my pages and some of the other artists' along with our meet up:

This journal did not have a theme, so I was free to do whatever I wished.  I chose a quote, used tea bags and coffee filters and other used/transparent items to express that even when life looks like a mess, it is a beautiful picture both in the past and in the future

A Beach Theme.  Collage with textured paper, acrylic paint, a stamp sentiment

A 60's Rock and Roll theme.  The collage is mounted onto a 2 page magazine spread of Woodstock.  The photos are mounted on flaps so that she can raise them to view the original article and photos.  Me and Bobby McGee was the song I used

When the large flap is lifted, it revealed a CD of 13 versions of Me and Bobby McGee

I shared the first page with another journaler (on the left).  I used her sunshine as  a springboard to my pages.  The theme of this journal developed as it went with most of us using themes like "hidden" and "lost".  These are wildflowers with Acrylic paint and Vellum paper.

The page had a hidden pull out.  When the tab is pulled, the next page is revealed.  To sign into this journal, she gave each of us a small envelope to incorporate into our pages (with info about ourselves).  These clouds lift up to reveal my hidden envelope.

On the back side of the balloon/sign in page, I gave a riddle to find an image of a hidden doodle

The artist of this journal wrote poetry.  Each of the 9 other artists chose one of her poems to illustrate.  I chose a poem entitled "Life".  This doodle represents all the paths that twist and turn in life and enjoying the process

This one was fun for me to do.  First, I stenciled the words DREAMING and DREAMS . Then, I used  a  .005 Micron Pen to write "dreaming dreams" in very small letters over and over around each letter until I achieved the shading I wanted.  Then, I journaled about several different types of dreams

One of my favorites!  The artist/owner of this journal asked us what doors are before us at this point of time in our lives. I suppose you could say the theme was doors.

My door opens to reveal my journaling

This journal had the theme "The Fruit of the Spirit".  I used the fruit of patience  and illustrated that God's Word is faithful, and in the process of waiting we grow patience 

Here is My journal.  My theme was ONE WORD.  I asked them to choose a word and illustrate it.  I included some word play, a sign in page directing them to use one word to describe themselves, and a sign out section.  My journal started out about 3 inches thick.  At the end of the project, it had grown to at least 6 inches thick!

My Cover: "May I Have a Word with You? (Between Friends)
Theme Introduction: One Word Illustrated

Sign In Page: use one word to describe yourself

Cards removed to view the words

Word Play for inspiration and to leave messages to the next artist 

My Page: A play on words- view of the sea SEE/SEA
"You can't miss a living Exhibit" (She used feathers in almost every journal.  It became her trademark :)


An Illustrated Poem "Wings"

A play on Words: Bear using Behr paint samples

Incredible Paper folding on this page"  All we have is NOW"


"Bridge" One of my favorites.  I love the collage combined with sketching

Another favorite

"When I hear you, I know how THIRSTY I truly am"

"Dive DEEP" papier-mâché waves

close-up, the tail moves

"Serendipity" Lots of pull outs and flaps

My sign out pages

Some of the artists and friends as we looked at the journals together

Thanks for sharing this art journal adventure with me!

Because this was my favorite project of the year, I've shared this post here:

4 You with Love Best of 2012

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