Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Candles at The Body Shop

Have you ever had a memory of something that was so funny, you laugh out loud?  I had one of those today.  First I laughed, and then I hung my head in shame.  It was one of my most embarrassing moments.  Maybe THE most.

When my daughters were very young teenagers, I didn’t know much about today’s secular music.  Really, I knew nothing.  We listened to Christian radio, silence or books on tape while in the car.  Sometimes we listened to oldies, sometimes I let them play “their” music, but on CDs, not the radio.  I was, and still am, your typical “uncool” mother.  The slang I grew up with meant something different in this new generation. I often need explanations about many words.

My middle daughter had a friend who had recently recorded what I thought was the most AMAZING song I had ever heard.  I loved the lyrics and the music and the melody.  I was so proud of her for actually recording something and putting it on myspace. We listened to it often.

My oldest daughter had never shown much interest in jewelry until she reached the age of 16.  Near Christmas, she asked for a few long, silver necklaces, the kind with a single charm or dangle.  Teenage girls are sometimes very difficult to buy for, so I was pretty determined and excited to shop for something so easy.  One day while at the mall with the younger two, I made arrangements for them to go shopping with friends while I set out on my own.

My girls had never really been girly or frilly and they had always been modest, so usually I did their shopping at JC Penny, or Sears, or Target.  OK and Walmart.  As they were getting older, they found places like PacSun, and Charlotte Russe, but many of the shops in the mall were pretty much off limits.  Well, I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the usual shops, so I decided to try some of the more modern stores.  Walking by The Body Shop, I looked past all of the weird looking clothes (in my opinion) and spied a whole rack of long, silver necklaces, the kind with a single charm or dangle. With tunnel vision, I headed straight towards them.  

The store wasn’t very crowded.  Only 2-3 women were near me.  I had chosen a couple of necklaces and was searching for a third. I was very focused, trying to find just the right one, when I heard a familiar sound.  The music.  I know that music.  At first, I couldn’t place it, but when I heard the voice and the words….it was HER!  My head shot up.  I looked up towards the speakers, I looked around frantically. To my left, to my right.  Oh. My. Gosh!  It was HER! I could hardly contain my excitement.  My daughter’s friend was singing on the radio!  I wanted to call my daughter and tell her to come quick…they were playing the song, but my daughter didn’t have a cell phone at that time and I knew the song would be over by the time I found her and came back.

But, I HAD to tell SOMEBODY! 

So, I rushed over to the gal nearest me and said, “I KNOW her! I KNOW her! She’s my daughter’s friend!” all the while pointing to the speakers! She looked at me strangely, and backed away slowly.  I realized that perhaps she didn’t quite understand my excitement, so I wasn’t offended.  I found ANOTHER gal to tell. “I KNOW her!” I KNOW her!” (point up, point up). Same response.  

Man, I gotta find somebody to tell who will really appreciate this.  I was so proud of her for making the “big time” and I wanted people to know she was a local girl.  So I ran over to the sales counter.  Two young women were working. I slammed my (empty) hand on the counter (my other hand still holding the necklaces) and announced, loudly: “I KNOW HER!

One of them gave me the look, but the other just smiled real big and said, “Yeah, that’s my girl”.
I responded, rather loudly, “ YOU KNOW her TOO?!” 
“ Yeah,” she said, “Colbie Caillat”. 
Colbie Caillat?

Now before I go on, I must tell you that when I get stressed, I have trouble recalling names.  Even with my closest friends, I often stare at them for a few moments before I can remember their names.  When she said Colbie Caillat, I drew a blank.  I couldn’t remember my daughter’s friend’s name.  All I could remember was her myspace name. So, it went like this:

“Birthday Candles, I KNOW her! Where did you get her song? Is it on the radio?”

"I don’t know about no birthday candles, but the music is coming from our home office in California.”


“Yeah, girl-Colbie Caillat”

 She was beginning to get the same look as the other glas.  Like I was a nutcase.
Then it hit me.  Like a bucket of water, only not cold water and not all at once.  It was one of those slow dribbles that start at the top of your head and slowly seep down your back and legs until suddenly you have a horrible, sinking feeling and you are soaking wet.  

It wasn’t her song. 

“Birthday candles” was simply singing a “cover”.  
I smiled weakly, put the necklaces on the counter and walked as quickly away as I could without looking back.  Honestly , it was 4 years since I EVER walked into that store again.

For those who are wondering what a cover is, here is the definition from the Urban Dictionary:
Cover - A version of a song that is done by another band than the original. A band can cover another band's song.

The song? “Bubbly”

I can’t listen to that song anymore.  If it comes on while in a store, I leave.  On the radio, I turn it off.  It was days before I could even confess to anyone what I did.

Today, “Birthday Candles” is known as "Until Eleven".  She is still awesome, and she writes her own songs, too.  If you want to listen, here’s a link to their newest song: Picture Perfect

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  1. You know what? I'm laughing just as hard reading this as when you first shared it with me! I can just see you now..."YOU KNOW Her TOO"? hahaha! I LOVE it! :0) Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL!! Great story. Thanks for sharing on the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you'll link up another, slightly less embarrassing, post next week! ;)

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  3. Oh, I'm sure I'll have more moments like these and I'll share some soon :)