Monday, September 3, 2012

A Journal Project and Some Almost No-Sew Decorating

I hope to finish my #2 summer project today: The office/spare room.  It has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would.  I keep getting distracted with other projects.  Like today.  Instead of heading towards the machine à coudre (that's a hint of the room decor, by the way), I started my day with a new journal project from Lil Blue Boo.  If you'd like to join in on the fun, you can find it here:

The Lil Journal Project:

You can also follow along on Pinterest here

Another thing that got me side tracked was helping my daughter with a little decorating in her new apartment.  She wanted some curtains and pillows in her living room but couldn't find what she wanted in the color she loved.  I showed her some no-sew curtain ideas I found on pinterest, and she showed me some no-sew pillows.  It was important that they be no-sew, because I HATE SEWING!  My mother is an excellent seamstress, she has even sewn men's tailored suits.  My sisters inherited the same genes.  I didn't get them, not in sewing, or in a lot of other things like speaking Spanish, excellent grades in school, and cooking fabulous meals.  I'll tell some of those stories later.  As for sewing, when I sew, IF I sew, I spend more time crying and ripping than stitching. I know how to do it, I'm simply not good at following directions.

We went to several places to look for the perfect cloth, including Hobby Lobby. I got distracted again. Look at this fabulous little chest!  And the PRICE! I don't impulse shop much at all, but this little sweetie fits the theme of my room:

We put the chest in the basket but had no luck in finding fabric.  We Went to Jo-Ann's.  We found the right color, but the fabric she liked was a little slinkier than I had hoped.  The no-sew curtains I planned to make suggested using iron-on hem tape.  I knew that using hem tape on this particular fabric would look sort of stiff and may bleed through the fabric.  I was going to have to sew.  No problem.  I can do this. We chose the grommets and thread and made a deal.  If I was going to sew, she was going to help. She did all the ironing, well most of it.  And I sewed long, long, long, long straight stitches. I moved as slowly as possible, praying and sweating the whole time.  Amazingly....I didn't need to rip out any seams!  This was the first time in my life had used a sewing machine without having to use a ripper.  I was so surprised, and pleased.  We put the grommets on, which was very easy to do and viola:

I love how the light reflected off of the finial. Proof that this project had to be blessed.
Must have been all the praying!
I have to admit, it took HOURS, so the pillows would have to wait for another day.  They, thankfully, really were no-sew and were very easy to do.  We barely had enough fabric left to cover both pillows and I had to re-tie the bows a lot to make them the same size, but those were the only problems.

easy no-sew pillows

Unfortunately, I didn't save the pins, so you won't find them on my boards.  I tend to delete pins once I've done the project or if they appear often.  I have way too many pins as it is, so I try to keep it somewhat manageable.  If you'd like directions, just search on pinterest for no sew curtains and no sew pillows.  You'll find quite a few in the same style.

Today....I have to tackle my own window treatments and pillows.  I hope I don't have to sew.

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