Friday, August 31, 2012

Never Think Never

When I was a young girl, I always knew I would someday be married.  After I got married, I wondered if I would ever have children. Once my first daughter was born, my thought patterns began to change. I NEVER THOUGHT I would be a stay-at-home Mom. I had been working for Wilmington Coca-Cola Bottling Co. for several years when, at 6 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I was laid off.  We knew finding another job at that time was not an option. After she was born, we realized that the cost of childcare for two children would almost equal any salary I earned if I did find a job.  So, the plan was to stay at home until the girls started school.  I NEVER THOUGHT I would have a 3rd child.

My youngest daughter was born a few months before my oldest started kindergarten.  We added 5 more years to the plan. To tell the truth,  though we lived on a super tight budget, I didn't mind the extension because I enjoyed them so much. But I NEVER thought we would start homeschooling.

Fast forward 3 years later:  I started feeling a nudging and a knowing that perhaps I was supposed to bring my daughter home for school.  I had never considered it before, but there it was.  The thought that wouldn't go away. At that time, my husband didn't view many things about God, life, and family in the same way that I did, so I kept that thought to myself.  And then, one day, he said it. Out loud.

We started homeschooling.

Those were only some of the major NEVER THOUGHTS I've had in my life. There have been several others added.  I NEVER THOUGHT I would move away from Wilmington, NC.  But here I am in Florida. I NEVER THOUGHT I would start scrapbooking.  What a waste of time.  Throwing developed photos into a pretty box and storing undeveloped film in Ziploc bags was my idea of keeping memories.  When we moved, my friends gave me a scrapbook and a few pictures of our going away party.  I hated to hurt their feelings by telling them how I felt about scrapbooking, so bought a few supplies and starting working.  Of course, I was hooked.  With no new friends and lots of time.....

The list goes on, but here are my favorites:
I never thought I would start a homeschool co-op.
I never thought I would join facebook.
I never thought I would enjoy staying at home, as often as possible.
And I NEVER, EVER THOUGHT I would start to blog.

Never think never.


  1. Great start! I love that phrase "never thoughts".

  2. I don't have many never thoughts, lots of things "just happen" in my life... It wasn't so much that I thought "I'll never..." I just didn't "dream".

  3. Yay! I finally made it over to your new blog! Keep it up!