Sunday, October 4, 2015

Miniature Ladder Tutorial

I like to use ladders and sometimes stepping stones in my tea cup gardens. They help connect the base to the top of the tea cup. Often, I use a ladder unique to the theme of the garden, but most of the time a traditional ladder works perfectly.

How to Make a Miniature Ladder

You will need:

Bamboo Skewers
Glue - I like Gorilla Super Glue Gel
Ruler (optional)
Paint (optional)

Cut off the tip of a Bamboo Skewer.

fourelevenrox  miniature ladder tutorial

From the skewer, cut 2 pieces, each same length. These will be the ladder sides. Be sure to measure where your ladder will be placed, and measure at the same angle you will place your ladder. Mine are about 2"-2 1/2" long

fourelevenrox  miniature ladder tutorial 

Cut 5-7 small pieces, depending on the length of your ladder. These will be the ladder rungs. I measure the rungs by sight as I cut, but using a ruler may be helpful to you. My rungs are about 7/8" long.

Place a small amount of glue onto your work surface. I use scrap cardboard because it is disposable. 
If you use Gorilla Super Glue Gel, be sure to shake it first!

fourelevenrox  miniature ladder tutorial
 Using  tweezers, pick up the ladder rungs, one at a time. Dip each end into the glue and space them evenly along the ladder. Leave a small amount of room at the top and bottom.

fourelevenrox  miniature ladder tutorial

That's it! If you use Gorilla Super Glue Gel, you will have enough time to move the rungs, if needed, as you work. Once you are finished, let the ladder dry 2-3 minutes and it will be ready to paint!

fourelevenrox miniature ladder tutorial
 I make 3-4 at a time so they will be handy when I need one. If I paint them, I use acrylic craft paint.

fourelevenrox miniature ladder tutorial

There you go, Miniature ladders! Perfect for tea cup gardens!

Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs Science themed tea cup garden, courtesy fourelevenrox

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug Tip #3

Rugs aren't the only thing you can make with the Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug technique.

You can make baskets, bowls, pet beds, hot pads and even coasters!

Small Bowl and Drink Coasters by Whitehouse Whimsies and Rugs courtesy fourelevenrox

For rugs, pet beds, hot pads and large baskets/bowls, I use 2"-2 1/2" fabric strips. But for drink coasters and small bowls, I use smaller strips. I find that using wide strips causes coasters to be more bulky and I like the detail that is created when using thinner strips.

So if you want to make something with the Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug technique but don't want to create an entire rug, try a set of coasters or a small bowl. I'll be posting instructions soon for making bowls and baskets. Meanwhile, today's tip:

WHITEHOUSE WHIMSIES AND RUGS Toothbrush Rug Tip #3 by fourelevenrox
Use 1"-1 1/2" fabric strips to create fabric coasters or small fabric bowls.

Find directions on how to start your coasters, use the same technique as found here: How to Start

Happy Rugging!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug Tip #2

Friday's Amish Knot/Toothbrush Rug Tips

Tip #2 Fabrics that are the same color on both sides are the easiest to work with.

WHITEHOUSE WHIMSIES AND RUGS Toothbrush Rug Tip #2 by fourelevenrox

Why? Because as you create knots, your fabric strip will twist and turn, often causing the “wrong” side to be visible. To prevent this, you must gently fold the fabric and turn the right side up. This will cause your knotting process to slow down. It is well worth the extra time if you have a beautiful fabric you really want to use, but if you are a beginner, you may want to stick to solids with matching sides front and back.

To see how I fold my fabric as I knot, you can view a quick video on YouTube here: Making Knots

More Amish Knot/Toothbrush blog posts: click here

Happy Rugging!