Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kokeshi Dolls Sake Tea Party - Fairy Garden Style

This week, I created Kokeshi Sake Tea Party Cups, for the fairies.

Kokeshi Dolls Saki Tea Party - Fairy Garden Style
The Process:

How to:

Find used, vintage Japenese Kokeshi Birthday Candle holders. Fill in the candle holes with polymer clay. Repaint hair and caps to blend, revive color with a coat of polyurethane. (Discard any broken or damaged holders).

Create tiny Sake Cups and Sake Vases using polymer clay. Then, paint them using tweezers and acrylic paint. Note: I used air dry clay because I wanted a rougher finish than baked clay.

Find cute Sake tea cups and some cherry blossoms. Fill the cups with foam.

Add moss and a tiny card stock tray. Arrange the items just the way you want them.

Hint: using a heat gun, you can carefully heat plastic stems to make them bend and hold the curve where you want them. Work quick and a little at a time, or you'll melt the whole thing. Trust me.

Add a little sign and invite the fairies to a Sake Party!

Kokeshi Dolls Fairy Garden Sake Tea Party!

I hope this post has given you some ideas for creating Japanese Style fairy gardens. If you love them, but don't want to make your own, these 4 will be listed in my ETSY SHOP!
See them here: Kokeshi Tea Party

Enjoy the fairies!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Watch it Grow Rug Series #5 It is Finished!

The oval rug I've been working on is FINISHED!

The completed rug is 61" x 42".

I am so glad that I decided to do this series because blogging about the process slowed me down enough to record important information that will be so helpful for future rugs.

I started with 12 sheets:
1 Queen flat sheet
2 Full flat sheet
9 Twin flat sheet
(Fabric strips left over were approximately the equivalent of  4 sheets.)

5 hours TOTAL time to prepare all 12 sheets for the rug. 
That's measuring and ripping the strips, cleaning the strings from the strips and organizing them all for easy access.

23.5 Hours Knotting Time
I worked on the rug 20 different days taking 30 minutes - 2 hours each day depending on my schedule.

Adjusted Time and Amount of Fabric Used:

23.5 hours knotting time
3 hours fabric prep time (adjusted to reflect the use of 8 sheets)
It took 26.5 hours to complete a rug 61" x 42"

fourelevenrox Watch it Grow 61" x 42" Oval Rug

I used the equivalent of 8 flat bed sheets, various sizes - mostly twin = 33 yards (approx.)
12 colors were used in the rug. 11 pastels, with mostly a cream runner or core strip.

So hard to get a clear, crisp photo of the full size!

Thanks for watching this rug grow with me! Now we all know about  how much fabric and time is needed for a 60" oval toothbrush rug.
If you would like to see the process from the beginning,
click this link: Watch it Grow Rug Series

Saturday, June 18, 2016

ToothBrush Rug: How to Load or Thread Your Rug Needle

This week, I've had two requests for explaining how to put a fabric strip onto a toothbrush rug tool, a/k/a Amish Knot rug needle.

Here's a quick video to explain:
How to load or thread your rug tool -

If you would like to see other tips and tutorials, click on the tab at the top of the page, or use this shortcut -


Happy Rugging!